Play Halo's 8-Bit Ancestor Now

What would Halo: Combat Evolved look like if it had been made for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Expert de-maker Eric Ruth answers that question with his own version of Halo, a side-scrolling shooter that looks transported straight from the 80s.

Ruth, creator of 8-bit versions of Left 4 Dead and DJ Hero, has released his latest creation Pixel Force: Halo, as promised. It's a lo-fi spin on Halo: Combat Evolved, complete with platform jumping, side-scrolling Covenant blasting and top-down Warthog riding fun. You can download it now for Windows (for free).


Grab the 8-bit take on Halo at Piki Geek, also home to an interview with Ruth.

Pixel Force Halo Released Today [Piki Geek]

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Mega Man much?

It sucks that the video is of the beginning, which is a corridor crawl. I was more interested to see how he handled the open world. Perhaps it follows in the footsteps of LoZ II, with both side-scroller and open-world elements. I could find out right now, but I'd rather speculate.

PS Capcom is the ONLY publisher/developer who has actually released a "de-make" of one of their games, albeit at the same time as the game itself (Dark Void). Why don't others do the same? If one guy can do it by himself, it probably doesn't take a lot of money, time or resources, so why not give it a shot? I'd totally pay-n-play a "NES" Halo on a 360.