Play Google's Roswell Alien Doodle Before The Government Cover-Up

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Sixty-six years ago today the Roswell, New Mexico Daily Record stunned the country with one of the finest examples of a sensationalist headline this side of... well, nevermind that. "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region," was a joke, a sham, a goof, and certainly not proof of aliens landing on U.S. soil at all, because that would be silly. Here, play this Google Doodle game instead.


What is the game? Why, it's the cutest little mini adventure game you've ever seen, with what I'm gonna say is a tiny homage to the Atari 2600 classic E.T. tossed in for good measure. You play as a completely fictional and certainly not classified alien that must assemble the pieces of its downed U.F.O. before the government comes and disappears you gives you warm, fresh-baked cookies.

As a current resident of Roswell, Georgia, I wish our namesake over in New Mexico a happy alien anniversary, and thank them for ruining our stupid city forever you bastards.

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Press the play button to play the game.

Click to move around. Go down and pick up the window piece.

Go left, click on the rope around the cow. Cow will eat grass. Jump down the hole. Take the growth-fuel and use it on the plant. Climb the plant.

Go right, go up the ladder and take the horseshoe. Then take the bag of feed. (For laughs, you can use the fuel on any animal to make them grow bigger.)

Use the rope with horseshoe to get the piece on top of the barn.

Now go right again, to the edge of the farm. On the chicken, use the bag of feed and take the feather. Then use the fuel on the tree next to the house, climb it and tickle the man to collect the last piece.

Disclaimer: There are several other ways to complete the game than what I listed above.