Play Conway's 'Game of Life' In LittleBigPlanet

A level based off the 1970's game by John Conway has 'made' its way into LittleBigPlanet.

If you're unfamiliar, the game is based around the idea of "cellular automaton" where each "cell" or "block" on the grid either lives or dies, and each "cell" effects adjacent blocks. It's more of a "watch what happens" kinda game where the outcome is determined by your initial input. This grid is a bit more scaled down, but it still works. While the game looks simple in execution, what's going on 'under the hood' is extremely impressive. Just watch.


You can read up about the history and its rules here.

Some technical notes about the level:

The grid is wired so that if something goes off one side, it comes around on the other. It looks a little funny when the glider's going around, but it lets it keep going forever

In this computer, each cell contains an AND gate, an OR gate, a counter, and a latch that are used to determine whether the cell should be alive or dead next turn. 36 cells make up the computer.

Unfortunately, the entire computer is too complex to show on one screen; This is about 1/4 of the entire thing.


The level is called LittleBigLife

(Thanks, Nina!)

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