Play As Milla Jovovich's Character In Monster Hunter: World

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Screenshot: CapcomChannel

To mark the release of the live-action Monster Hunter movie, Milla Jovovich’s character, Captain Natalie Artemis, will be playable in an upcoming Monster Hunter World: Iceborne event.


According to Capcom, the crossover event will kick off internationally on December 4, with Artemis taking part in two limited-time-only quests, each with special rewards such as materials to craft armor from the movie.

Below is a look at the in-game version of Jovovich’s character:

The first event is called “The New World,” with Artemis going head-to-head with a Black Diablos, while the second is dubbed “To Our World.”

Jovovich is actually voicing her character. Capcom points out that she’ll be speaking English, while the other in-game characters will be speaking Monster Hunter lingo.

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I’ve said this before but the Monster Hunter movie is basically an isekai.