Plants Vs. Zombies Singer Only Wants You Gone

Plants Vs. Zombies songstress Laura Shigihara was so impressed by Jonathan Coulton's ending theme "Want You Gone" that she recorded what might be the most adorable version of the song committed to YouTube video.

Laura Shigihara takes the musical talent she demonstrated while penning and performing the Plants Vs. Zombies ending theme "Zombies on Your Lawn" and applies it towards the betterment of science.


"We just finished Portal 2 this past weekend, and after watching the ending I was so inspired by the turret opera and ending theme song that immediately afterwards I decided to arrange and sing an acapella version of 'Want You Gone'", Laura writes. "At first it was just going to be an audio recording, but then I got all into it and decided to find a lab coat and some beakers for a full video. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!"

I certainly enjoyed it, but then I'm a sucker for pretty ladies singing to stem tubers.

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is it bad that I think her singing is really aweful?