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Plants vs. Zombies Music Video Causes Cute Overload

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PopCap Games' Plants vs. Zombies sounds weird, plays well and looks so cute in this music video, it makes me want to dance and puke at the same time.

The game itself is tower defense strategy. Only instead of a tower, you've got a lawn to seed with plants that shoot, plants that explode and some plants that are just there to slow zombies down. To power your plant army, you need to collect sun and the only to up sun production is by planting sunflowers. The game ramps up steadily in difficulty, throwing more zombies at you with better defenses (traffic cone helmets, screen door shields, etc.).


But the real cute comes from these music videos, scored and sung by Laura Shigihara.

She explains the videos on her blog as a creative impulse:

…about two months ago, after finishing all the in-game music and SFX, I decided that I wanted to make a funny theme song… I thought it would be awesome if the song was basically a dialogue between the Sunflower (the plant I'm holding in this picture) and the Zombies.


She got her dad to the zombies' voices in the Japanese version, which makes it even more cute. Check ‘em out right here and be sure to give the game a go if you've got the time.

[Thanks for the tip, Manfriend!]