Place Your Foreign Liquor Recommendations Here Plze

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: PC Headaches

Typically liquor stores in Japan have, well, the same liquor. I don't mean they've only got sake and Asahi Dry — far from it. Instead, I mean, they've typically got the same foreign liquors. So like Jack, Campari, Pernod, etc — along with wine. Not that there's anything wrong with that, those are fine, but there are other brands and you run into hiccups when you are trying to find, say, a good bottle of port.


However! I've found a really good liquor store near my house. The guy who owns it picks the stock personally and there are loads of imported liquors, stuff I've never seen before. I talked to the guy who owns the place, nice guy. But instead of asking him for recommendations for non-Japanese booze, I'm gonna ask you.

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