Loads of new stuff comes to Q-Games' garden this week, with the release of the PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion pack.

New games, new stages, and new music are just the tip of iceberg in the PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion, available on April 16th for $5.99 at a PlayStation Store near your PlayStation 3. Smart bombs, gravity manipulation, and a special super secret surprise for those who complete the game and collect all of the new spectra also await fans willing to pay a little extra for some more time in the garden.

I'm just amazed that they've managed to actually keep a big secret to themselves all of this time. Luke seems to think that guns might be involved in the secret "completely different way" to play. I am going to guess it's a new blindfolded mode. It sounds crazy but it just might work.

PixelJunk Eden Encore Launching on PSN this Thursday [PlayStation Blog]