PixelJunk Eden Encore, New Resistance 2 Content At GDC

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Next week's Game Developers Conference is going to be packed with hands-on, presentations and even a little news.


Over at the Playstation Bloggers Lounge, Sony has set up a number of interviews for some of their upcoming and current titles.

Q-Games founder and president Dylan Cuthbert will be on hand to talk about PixelJunk Eden Encore. Sucker Punch will also be around to show off some new content for inFamous and Titan Studio will have Fat Princess on hand along with the game's creative director and producer.


Most intriguing, though, is what Insomniac will be there to talk about. The folks behind Resistance 2 will be on hand to discuss Resistance 2 map packs and what's to come for both cooperative play and mulitplayer gaming.

What's on your wish list for the Playstation 3 shooter?

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Am i the only one excited about more Eden?

I love that game, best PSN game and cheap as chips