Pirates of the Caribbean Director Lands Rights To Second Life Film

Filmmakers and novelists have a long history of plucking stories out of newspapers and turning them into something wonderful. But this is not one of those cases.

Gore "Pirates of the Caribbean" Verbinski has purchased the rights to a 2007 Wall Street Journal article by Alexandra Alter about a sordid Second Life love affair between a married man and his in-game wife. Yeah, I know, I've heard that one about a thousand times before too. This means he's working on a BioShock and a Second Life movie. My head is going to explode.


Apparently this whole "Second Life" thing is very new to Verbinksi, who will be directing the movie which is getting the script treatment by Steven Knight.

I can't wait until it comes out so I can not go see it.

Universal, Verbinski plan to role-play [Variety, thanks to the tipster whose name escapes me]

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