Pirates Of The Burning Sea Offers Free Trials

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The world's best pirate-themed MMO is looking for new recruits to sail the salty Caribbean in search of booty, glory, adventure, and...more booty, possibly. To this end they've launched a free 14-day trial open to all wannabe pirates and privateers who have yet to take part in the seafaring activities. Simply hit up the link below, enter your email address to verify that you are indeed a real person, and then prepare to download a metric ass-ton of files before you get command of your very first ship. This is the sort of game that should have had a free-trial from the get go, really. The unique flavor combination of ship-based travel and battles with trading and character combat is something you really need to play before deciding if it's the right game for you. Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea 14-Day Trial! [PotBS]


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