Pirates, Ninjas, And Homicidal Teddy Bears

Pirates lay siege to the Island of Perfection in the upcoming Chapter 9 downloadable content for 505 Games' killer plushie simulator Naughty Bear. And so the circle is complete.

Naughty Bear's gameplay structure rubbed a few folks the wrong way, myself included. Killing and smashing your way through level after level wasn't as entertaining as I thought it would be, especially towards the end of missions when you're just running around looking for stuff to smash to pad your score.


Love it or hate it, it's still a great format for downloadable content, allowing developer Artificial Mind & Movement to release mission four packs for $4.99 a pop, which is exactly how much this month's pirate-themed DLC will cost when it's released later this month.

As pirates invade the island, Naughty and his "friends" will face two new factions of bears: The other bears, led by Admiral Giggles, and the pirate bears, captained by The Great Beard Bear.

His beard isn't that great, but it does look good on Naughty, who can dress up as the pirate or the admiral with new costumes unlocked in the DLC, topping it off with a sinister curved cutlass, perfect for separating your enemies from their innards.

Naughty Bear wasn't a particularly well received game, so it's nice to see a developer continuing to pump out new content for the hardcore fans.


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