Pioneering Open World PS1 Game Is Now Finally Playable In English [Update]

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Mizzurna Falls, a Twin Peaks-ish open world game developed for the PS1 and only ever released in Japan, is now 20 years later available to play in English for the first time.

While the script itself had been translated by Resident Evie a few years back—you can read more about that in this excellent Vice piece from 2017—it’s taken until now for those changes to actually be put into the game and the whole project to be pretty much wrapped up (there are still a few bits missing).

An early version of the translation, when it was still missing some lines | Video: Resident Evie

It’s definitely worth checking out. While it’s notable for its setting, it was also a pioneering game in the technical sense, featuring many of Shenmue’s biggest selling points (like NPCs with routines and a real-time clock), as well as the ability to drive an open world car in 3D, a year before Driver was released and three years before GTA 3.


You can get downloading here.

UPDATE: The download link has been removed after one of the modders most responsible for the actual work flagged the project as being incomplete and that “it actually likes to crash quite a lot to a black screen”.

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