Things don't always go according to plan when you cook meals—that's normal. Your end result doesn't always look like the snazzy pictures on the recipe instructions, or the boxes containing the ingredients. But this monstrosity that someone baked is something else.

Normally, Pikachu is supposed to be a cute monster—like in the picture above. Recently, Twitter user Kira Hime Teitoku tried capturing the lovable Pokemon in culinary form by using a Pokemon-themed baking pan for some pound cake. Here's the mold:

Here's what the end result was supposed to look like:


Now, doesn't that Pikachu cake look delicious? I would eat this golden, crispy Pikachu cake. Yum!

I would not, however, eat the Pikachu cake the cake molds actually produced:


Yikes. Mind, Teitoku used a Maccha pound mix, which meant these cakes weren't going to look exactly like the pictures in the box to begin with, but still—the results are hilariously disgusting-looking. Poor Pikachu!

(Via Rocket News 24)