Picross 3D Already Spawning Sick Cubic Filth

Rittai Picross has been out for just a week in Japan, but the Nintendo DS puzzle game is already responsible for vile, user-created content. Pigs and bunnies... together? What kind of world is this?

Like the 2D version of Picross for the Nintendo DS, users can create their own puzzles for others to unlock. There was, no doubt, no shortage of naughty Picross drawings crudely scrawled upon the innocent DS touchscreen, but to see this level of wrongness in the third dimension, well, it's reprehensible.

Hopefully, some wise politician will see this sort of blocky pornography banned from stores and our innocent children will never see a cartoon pig taking advantage of an unwilling bunny-like form.

Good Job ! [Flickr via Tiny Cartridge]

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