Phoenix Wright Manga Coming To North America In September

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Two volumes of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney manga are coming out in North America, according to an Amazon listing dredged up on NeoGAF by Wired, who made all of the "fans will have no objection" puns already so that I don't have to. Thanks, Wired! The two Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Official Casebook comics are adapted from Japanese serials, and cover cases outside of the game story — in addition to twenty cases featuring Maya, Edgeworth and friends, the first volume promises to reveal why Phoenix Wright went into the field of justice. You can preorder the books now on Amazon; The Phoenix Wright Files comes out September 30th, and The Miles Edgeworth Files comes out February 24th. Phoenix Wright books to be released in the US [NeoGAF, via Wired]



Bring Back Duckman!

$15?! If I'm going to pay that much for a comic book TPB, I'd expect it to be either 500+ pages or in color.

Del Rey why you trying to rip us off, when Viz doesn't rip us off as much with their lower prices.

I wanna see $4 manga just like in Japan!