Phantasy Star Coming To The Nintendo DS!

This Friday's issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu announces that the DS is getting Phantasy Star Zero. The game's characters are designed by Toshiyuki Kubooka (THE iDOLM@STER), and the scenario is mystery novel writer Teru Arai and former PSO quest honcho Tooru Shiwasu. The up-to-four-player game features multi-player over Nintendo WiFi. The cool part: The chat system supports stylus sketches. The game is slated for this winter in Japan, and if the big Phantasy Star Portable sales are an indication, this game should do very well. Another scan after the jump.


Famitsu 20080912 [Wii@Everyday via Sega Nerds Forums]


What is with the DS and chibi character models? Can't we get ONE DS RPG where the characters look like people and not freakish anime Lego men? Seriously, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, and now Phantasy Star...this has to end sometime...