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Pewdiepie Is Making A TV Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Things seem pretty weird for YouTube’s biggest star right now.

For months, Pewdiepie has been teasing a big THING happening this fall. In August, he said that whatever was coming up was going to force him to upload less often to his channel—from two videos a day, to one video a day (at least for the month of September.)

Last weekend, Pewdiepie flew into LA—and subsequently got featured on gossip website TMZ. TMZ wrote that it had heard reports that Pewds was in town to shoot a TV show. In response, Pewdiepie uploaded a video where he actually admitted that a TV show was what he was teasing beforehand:

You can also see him act bemused at his appearance on TMZ, a website that also reports on stars like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. But this is just the reality of things right now: Pewdiepie is a celebrity, and his following is probably bigger than more traditional film stars. It’s a different sort of celebrity, of course. One that doesn’t get mobbed by paparazzi or fans when in Los Angeles, as you can see in his own video.


“I can’t really say too much of what I’m doing [in Hollywood],” Pewdiepie said. “People are worried it’s going to leak into the media too soon.”

Today, Pewdiepie uploaded another vlog that actually showed some brief scenes from the set of the TV show (fast-forward to the 3 minute mark):

You see Pewdiepie go up to a bus and jokingly say, “I’m Pewdiepie. How can you not know me?” while a camera crew records. He then shows footage near the big Hollywood sign in LA, and says that the show’s intro is going to have famous landmarks in it.


“The more I remember what happened today, the more I’m weirded out,” Pewdiepie reflects at the end of the video.

Curiously, Pewdiepie also mentions that his monthly YouTube views have been going down “for a long time.” Given that, it’s not surprising to hear that he is branching out into things like TV shows and writing books. He’s gotta strike while the iron is hot, as it were.

So far, there aren’t many concrete details regarding Pewdiepie’s TV show. He does seem excited about it, at least, even if he seems a bit out of his element: