Pets & Video Games. It's Like The Internet Condensed Into A Single Thing.

Press Paws is an upcoming art show in LA that wants to bring together pets and video games. If that wasn't already a perfect pairing, the show is also about raising money for charity.


Featuring the work of over 50 artists (like Paul Robertson, who did the image up top, and Jim Mahfood), proceeds raised will go to What's Up Dog LA!, which is "a 100% volunteer run nonprofit dog rescue whose mission is to place destitute animals from high kill shelters with loving Forever Families".

Press Paws will be on at Gallery Nucleus on February 9.

Press Paws [Official Site]

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I used to hate dogs. When I was a kid I was trying to visit my friend's house when a german shepherd grabbed me by the leg and dragged me up a hill to show his owner, "Hey, I caught something for you." Kinda sucked. I was 7 and it was, like, 14 stitches. Not a lot, just could have been avoided.

Now I love dogs. It's all because I took in a stray that wasn't being fed or given water by her owners and was eating snow to stay hydrated. I stopped up at my inlaws one day and this little black lab jumped onto my lap while I was in the driver's seat, and I couldn't feel anything but bones. My wife and I went up to the neighbor's house, told him we're taking her and if he felt the need to stop us then we'd feel the need to report them for animal abuse. When we got her she was fully grown and 18lbs: She's 40lbs now and at a perfect weight, according to the vet.