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We wish there were more executives like Peter Moore, the kind who wonder where the f.... hell their game is on the end of year "Best Of" lists. As Moore has done to Eurogamer.


Now, we don't have any particular issue with Eurogamer's choices for the Top 50 Games of 2008, but the head of EA Sports certainly does. Explicitly, Mr. Moore would like inquire exactly what happened to FIFA 09, the soccer game from his very own EA Sports, the one that netted an 8 out of 10 from the UK online publication.

"Now I get that the sports genre is the Rodney Dangerfield of games when the awards are handed out," Moore vents in his latest blog entry. "But c'mon, one of the best sports games of recent times not even in the Top 50?"


Pete's obviously satisfied with the top twenty appearances of Boom Blox, Spore, Burnout Paradise and Mirror's Edge, if not others. "Tomb Raider? OK, that's interesting," Peter writes.

"Is it not cool to include a so-called mass market game? Bangai-O Spirits (no disrespect Treasure) makes it and FIFA 09 doesn't?" he says.

Which raises kind of an interesting point. Should a top X list represent the a publication's best of reviews, or should it simply reflect an editorials staff's choices for most memorable, most enjoyable games, regardless of the outlet's review scores. If it were the former, it would be incredibly easy to put a year-end best of list together. Just sort by review score, ascending.

I don't see much in the way of sports representation on Eurogamer's list. That's not too surprising, considering how divided the virtual sports loving and regular ol' video game adoring crowds are.


But is Peter right in his calling out of Eurogamer?

WTF? (Where The hell is FIFA 09?) [Peter Moore's Blog]

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