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Peter Molyneux Releases Another Godus Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today on Steam Early Access, designer Peter Molyneux and his company 22 Cans released a new game: Godus Wars.

But wait, you may wonder, did they ever even finish making the first Godus, which was crowdfunded way back in 2012 but still isn’t quite there yet? No. As the Steam page explains:

With the release of Godus Wars, combat finally makes it’s full introduction into the Godus universe. Peter has always considered Godus being two games: one tranquil, peaceful and the other war-like with bloody battles taking place across the unique lands.


And then there were two. Godus Wars is essentially an iteration on the game Molyneux and his team have been promising for years now. Although right now it’ll solely let you play RTS-style battles against enemy AIs, this is meant to establish groundwork for the PVP multiplayer that 22 Cans originally said would be a key feature of their god game. Current Godus owners get it as a free update; other people can buy a $15 package that includes both Godus Wars and everything else they’ve built in Godus so far.

This might be the first time Peter Molyneux has ever released a game without hyping it up first. For more on what Molyneux is doing these days, read this interview he did recently with Eurogamer.


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