Two birds, one stone! Peter Molyneux chats up how he was impressed by Final Fantasy VII and how he's not so impressed (so far) with the PLAYSTATION 3. According the Microsoft employee:

I always remember back to Final Fantasy VII, when I first played FFVII, that to me defined the genre... Those were the 'oh my god' moments, I don't believe they exist. I haven't seen many of those on the PS3.

But have you seen many of those on the Xbox 360, Peter? He adds: "This is very much me as a gamer talking, not as an industry spokesman. I've got a PS3, a Wii and a 360, I've got just about everything." Just like when Molyneux said that the PS3 was waiting for its "defining title". Molyneux: 'FFVII, that to me defined the genre' [VideoGamer]