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PETA Loves Fable II

Illustration for article titled PETA Loves Fable II

Fable II might not have won many Game of the Year awards, but the PETA liked what they saw, handing the game one of their annual Proggy Awards for being the most animal-friendly video game.


But it's not for what you think.

Sure, the game makes your dog a character central to your emotional involvement, but what the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals really liked was the vegetarianism in the game.

Created by Microsoft Game Studios, Fable 2 is a vegetarian's dream come true. Why? In this virtual fight between good and evil, characters powered by tofu are just as powerful as their meat-eating counterparts—and are more fit and attractive to boot. Featuring a strong pro-vegetarian theme, eating a plant-based diet helps you rack up "purity" points, whereas eating meat makes your character fat and evil. A fun and innovative game, it's also an effective tool that teaches gamers the real-life benefits of a vegetarian diet.


So I guess that means they're OK with you dragging a dog around with you and using him as a weapon in battle.

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I thought the difference between the food was part of the rich/poor alignment?

Vegetables: cheap

Meat/pies etc: not cheap

Oh, and who can forget the whole.. Intimidating and generally making your dog hate you, and the ability to kill bunnies or something..