PETA Fights Elephant Abuse with an iPhone Game

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals turn to the iPhone to help communicate that elephants are great and circus folk are the devil. The elephants get their revenge in This is Pop's Circus Slam!


PETA does not like the circus, though they might really enjoy the twisted talents of the folks at Cirque du Soleil if they just gave them a chance. They're far too busy crafting elaborate interpretive dance to abuse elephants like they do at the other circuses, poking, prodding, and stuffing them into tiny cages in order to keep skyrocketing cage costs down.

"Circus Slam! is a fun way to come down on an industry in which elephant abuse is so rampant that it defines animal circuses," said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman via press release. "For kids who love animals, the last place their parents should ever take them is to the circus."


Instead they should be playing Circus Slam!, a game in which players control a spirit (or dead) elephant swooping down from the skies to wreak havoc on oppressive circus tents, freeing its livelier compatriots in the process.

It actually looks kind of cute. At least they aren't picking on Mario anymore. Still, I'd rather slam Cirque du Soleil any day.

Circus Slam! [iTunes]

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It is interesting to read all of the comments from people who have bought into the anti-PETA propaganda hook, line, and sinker. There is no doubting that PETA's antics and theatrics get results: game-changing, black-and-white, written into law results.

These results makes they a target for the the lies, distortions and baseless accusations of the big corporate machines that they oppose. These are machines with a lot of money and liberal access to almost every form of mainstream media. These are machines that KNOW that people do not want to be confronted with these issues in the first place — the anger at the trespasses is mixed with guilt at supporting these industries through diet and entertainment choices — and that for many people willful ignorance is a much more comfortable option.

These are machines that know people are seeking an any excuse, no matter how silly or petty or trite, to demonize the organization that conveys the message of truth so that they can, by extension, ignore said message. After all, it's easier than accepting the truth of the message and then either making a change or living with the fact that you are supporting atrocity every time you go grocery shopping or take your children to a day at the circus.

It certainly is easier to simply declare your hatred for PETA based upon a half-truth or a logical fallacy than it is to seek out the facts of the matter. The big corporate machines count on this ever-so-common aspect of human nature.

Full disclosure: I am very sympathetic to PETA's causes — the one about circus animal abuse in particular. I actually went before my local City Council this past Tuesday (along with 8 other members of the local vegetarian society) to plead our case to them. Not only were they interested in the HARD EVIDENCE that we produced, photographed at the Barnum and Bailey's Circus last year in our City limits, but they intend to meet with us after the holidays to seek a solution.

Having said that, I am not a member of PETA. I feel that too often the focus of the message gets lost in the antics and theatrics; I prefer to take a more cerebral and personal approach to effecting change.

Still, I cannot argue with their results and the fact that they have scored some big, huge, monumental wins.