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Why has Nintendo been so reluctant to announce a release date (let alone price) for the Wii U? Sources close to UK video game website CVG suggest the company is still not sure it can make enough of the consoles in time to ensure a November release in both North America and Europe.


It's hard to pinpoint a release date when you don't know when you'll have enough product to release. Citing "people familiar with the situation" CVG says that all signs point to a December release on that side of the pond, pointing towards the complexity of putting together the console's technology-stuffed touch screen GamePad as the key culprit.

New technology regularly runs into stumbling blocks in the manufacturing process, so while CVG calls it a 'manufacturing nightmare' it's just manufacturing. Them's the breaks.

CVG's sources tell them that while Europe is looking at a December release (can't delay something that wasn't dated), Nintendo still has every intention of getting the Wii U into North American gamers' hands before the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear in early November.

It could have been worse; the site also says that at one point sources were indicating a 2013 release in Europe.


I've dropped Nintendo a line requesting comment, and shall update this post should they respond.

CVG Sources: Wii U release date delayed to December across Europe [CVG]

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