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Pervy Super Famicom Game Lets You Play One-Handed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Makes sense as this is, perhaps, the Super Famicom's most dubious unlicensed game: SM Teacher.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Recently, Twitter user No3_hiyamugi uploaded the following pic from the game's instruction booklet. The underlined section reads, "You can use your right hand freely" (右手は自由に使えます or "migi te wa jiyuu ni tsukaemasu). The image has been retweeted over seven thousand times.


So, yes, this is an unofficial, mid-1990s Super Famicom game for adults. While none of the SM Teacher games ever got the Nintendo Seal of Approval (for damn good reason!) and were sold for "Super Famico" to avoid legal troubles, website Gaming Sanctuary says its developers claimed they made five thousand copies of SM Teacher: Volume 2 Remix. Five thousand!


In the top photo, you can see the game's proper box in a photo from used game retailer Yugiya. Below, you can see the one of the carts. Website Super Famicom UK explains that the SM Teacher titles were often reflashed from Zico's Soccer.


[Photo: AucFan]

However, some of the carts had better stickers that completely covered up the original game. Somewhat. Like so:


[Photo: 学園祭6わらしべブログ]

Obviously, this game might churn many players' stomachs, but as Gaming Sanctuary adds, this one of the rarest Super Famicom carts around. In the past, Play Asia has sold Volume 2 Remix, but the title appears to be currently sold out.


スーファミのエロゲーの説明書、何度見ても画期的すぎる [No3_hiyamugi]

Top photo: Yugiya

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