Perverts Are Making Pokémon X/Y All Salacious

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Pokémon X/Y are not sexualized games. Yet, some players keep pointing to instances that seem unintentionally so. Damn them!

Both X and Y allow players to interact with their Pocket Monsters by petting them. In Japan, however, this function is one reason why some Twitter users are dubbing the game "eroi" (エロい), or "erotic," because the looks of pleasure on the Poké faces.


And then, there's the long time dick monster Pocket Monster Kakuna. Thank a non-static camera angle for making this phallic comparison possible (thanks!).


Among other images being posted as "proof" of the game's ero nature.


Of course, all of this is totally not serious (relax uptight people!) and will go right over the heads of younger players, leaving older players to act like giggling children.

If you haven't read Kotaku's Pokémon X/Y review, you can check it out here. And if you need advice on which version to get, Kotaku has that covered, too. Just don't perv out when you play the game and grope Pocket Monsters.


【ポケモン】3DS『ポケットモンスターX・Y』がエロすぎると話題にwwwwwwwww [はちま起稿]

Photos: birugoflow, komataich, normaraizer_pz, aquavameto, sadaharu7544, kabiko_dayo_, はちま, 2ch

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