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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for the PSP is delayed, and yet it isn't. While the UMD version of the game will arrive right on time, the PlayStation Network version slips to very early October.

Fans will still be able to get their hands on the PSP remake of the original PSone Persona, as long as they are willing to make a trip to their local game store or wait for delivery from a reputable online vendor. Those who were hoping to download the game from the PlayStation Network will have to wait another week or so, as it won't be available for purchase until the 1st of October. See? I said it was very early, didn't I?


Atlus reminds fans that the physical version of the game comes with the full 2-disc soundtrack as a bonus, while the delayed PSN version comes with you not having to leave the house or pay shipping charges.

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