Persona, I Am Ready To Dance my Ass Off

It's easy to forget that with a fighting game out soon, a 3DS RPG on the way, and Persona 5 after that, there's one more Persona game on the release schedule.

This is Persona 4: Dancing All Night's TGS trailer, and if you're wondering why it's been a little quiet lately (compared to the other Persona games), it's because the game wasn't exactly coming together. So Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (the fighting game) director Kazuhisa Wada has taken over.

The game's due out in the West sometime in 2015.

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Patricia Hernandez

oh my fucking god and here i thought teddie couldn't get more annoying...i'd never heard his japanese voicing!

ASIDE FROM THAT I AM SO HYPE woah look at yosuke's fucking scarf when did he become so stylish