'Persona 5 S' Isn't A Switch Port, It's Persona 5 Scramble, A Musou Game

Following yesterday’s detailing of a cool, expanded edition of Persona 5 coming to the PlayStation 4, today Atlus reveals Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, a musou action RPG by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Welp.

Fans of Omega Force games like Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors should be jazzed at the idea of a game where Persona 5 characters battle endless hordes of enemies using spectacular special moves. Nintendo fans hoping that the code name “Persona 5 S” used on Atlus’ teaser website for the game was code for a Switch port of Persona 5, not so much. At least we’ve got Joker in Smash Bros., right?

No word on a release date or a stateside release. Surely we’ll get both in time.

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Well, Atlus NEVER said, implied or promised that Persona 5 would come to Switch, or that P5S would be a Switch port of Persona 5, so anyone who feels “lied to” or “let down”(as I’m seeing people say on other sites) doesn’t have anyone to blame but themselves for getting their hopes up. Does suck for people who don’t own a PS3/4 and wanted to experience Persona 5 though.

Though I’m also seeing people saying “Why would anyone want to play this when they won’t know who the characters are since P5 wasn’t on Switch?” which is such a weird statement to me, considering that Persona Q was on 3DS despite no Persona game EVER being on Nintendo consoles, and Persona 4 Arena being on Xbox despite Persona never having been on Xbox either...to say nothing of Square Enix putting Chain of Memories on GBA, Re: Coded on DS and Dream Drop Distance on 3DS despite KH 1, 2 and 3 only being on Playstation.