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Persona 5 Royal Is Editing Two Homophobic Scenes

Illustration for article titled iPersona 5 Royal /iIs Editing Two Homophobic Scenes

Persona is a series that has sometimes struggled with homosexuality, like Persona 4's well-meaning-but-ultimately-busted approach to Kanji’s romance. Persona 5, meanwhile, had a couple of scenes involving a “Scruffy Romantic” and “Beefy Trendsetter” on release that were...yeah.


Here’s the first of those scenes:

Just so you can get a clearer idea of the tone, here’s the same scene from the Persona 5 anime:

Later on, you can be reunited with the pair during the classmate’s trip to Hawaii:

To be clear: not only are these scenes wildly stereotypical, but they go so far as to threaten abduction and sexual assault against a high school kid.


Publishers Atlus received criticism over this when Persona 5 was first released, and given the time to think it over have decided to edit both of these scenes for the game’s impending re-release.

Atlus Communications Manager Ari Advincula has told IGN that “We actually were able to go through some of the lines that players may not have received as well, look at that feedback, and then [update it] for the current generation.”

Both the Shibuya and beach scenes have now been edited to tone it down, and Atlus’ “internal content review team” sees the changes as a “chance to make it right.”

Persona 5 Royal is out on PS4 on March 31.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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Big Van Vader

Do you people really sit around and get all hot and bothered about any remotely demeaning social movement not portrayed to your liking in media, such as in Persona 5 in this case? Does it truly, deeply upset you? Seriously? Stop and think about it. Are you really that sensitive, self-certain, and arrogant to believe that every portrayal of anything in the world has to fit this paragonal vision of ultimate equality that dances about your head? That same image put in your head by another source not of your mental creation?

So a video game makes fun of homosexuality. Or, say instead it made fun of heterosexuality. Or some other sexuality. Who cares? Why does that rile you up so badly?

Easy: You’ve been conditioned by the culture of the society you yearn to be such an integral, important part of; in this case: to react negatively to any subject matter which varies from what your brain has been shaped to believe.

You are the same people who:

- Cheer against the Yankees simply because you are a Red Sox fan—and can never like both simultaneously for that is anathema to your culture (this trend repeats itself below).

- Dislike Microsoft because you favor Apple/Sony.

- Dislike Palestinians because you were born an Israelite.

- Dislike <1st World Country> because you were indoctrinated by a radical faction from <3rd world country>

- Worship religion because you were given no alternative from before the time you could walk or talk (and definitely think).

- Aggressively triggers at the use of the N-Word (but only if you are African American, and only if one of white skin tone says it.)

My point is that you react without understanding why you react the way you do. Culture has bred you to believe <in this scenario, react this way if you see/hear [x]> and you do so without a second thought. Sit back, analyze your thought process, and try to figure out why your mind thinks the way it does. Decide if these kind of situations REALLY bother you, or they instead bother you because they are SUPPOSED to bother you. There is a massive difference, and 90-odd% of the people on planet Earth sadly subscribe to the latter.

As an example, let’s flip the script; let’s be bad guys for just a tiny moment in time: Say you were born into Germany or a citizen of Germany during the Nazi Regime. Let’s say you were the same age you are today, but in the year 1935 and not 2020. Follow? Okay.... Now, lets say your country started invading other nations some many years earlier, broadcasting propaganda, wrangling up foreigners that didn’t fit the ideal mold of your leader, and snatching up territory from neighboring countries who used to be your friends. Are you the 90% of society who buys into what your culture is promoting at the time, free of thought or willpower, simply because its whats your friends, your neighbors, your news outlets, and your government are conditioning you to think? Or do you stop, scrutinize your mind for a moment, and decide that 1) I want to support my country blindly. 2) I believe what is happening is wrong, morally, but I’m not taking the risk of ostracizing myself, so I’ll just sit back and go with the flow, much as most the others are. 3) Oppose my nation in some manner because I know what is happening is morally wrong on a human level?

There is no right or wrong answer—but if you are in ermine woolbody lolling around Category #1 then you are the fundamental problem with humanity. (But, and lucky for you, will make many, many friends along the way given 90% of the rest of the planet is right there alongside you, gnawing on the grass.)

Look: I am not saying you can’t take a stance on social issues, we all do, but you many of you overly-sensitive and opinionated folks need to think for yourself and rationalize your triggers. Don’t let culture dictate your train of thought. Think for yourself. Be a real individual, not just another mass-minded mob-mentality moron who believes they are a real individual.

And stop getting so upset about a cutscene in some niche video game that has a scene or three not wholly embracing and sucking the the teat of homosexuality. You folks really need to normalize your triggers. A generation of emotional crybabies is not going to do the world (or any society in it) any favors in the long run. It won’t be able to handle real problems when they eventually rear their ugly little heads here and there on Planet Earth.

<<Proceeds into the sunset making some offensive homoesexual Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back referrence ..... then realizes he can’t because while that was acceptable twenty years ago, the same people of today and the generation they are part of loathe such humor, thereby conditioning his own mindset to the point where he must not only prohibit any and all laughing such  “offensive” jokes might provocate, but must also detest these jokes unconditionally, to the point where he must RAISE HIS VOICE AND OPINION OF IMPORTANT SELF-RIGHTEOUS CONSEQUENCE on whatever social media platform and/or message forum site he has access to!>>