In Japan, there are loads of Pokémon-branded goods. Some of them look fine, some of them don't. These, however, are something special.

The Pokemon Center, a chain of Pocket Monster shops in Japan, is collaborating with Shinzi Katoh, a designer who does all sorts of goods. In his thirty-year career, he's apparently designed over ten thousand items.

His line of Pokémon goods are terrific. Have a look:

They seem fairly reasonably priced for these kinds of design goods (a ball point pen is 450 yen, or US$4.50, while a wallet is 3,800 yen or $38). They go on sale starting today at Pokemon Centers across Japan.

雑貨デザイナーShinzi Katoh氏とポケモンセンターの、コラボレーション商品がいよいよ発売! [Pokemon]

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