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Perfectly Reasonable Excuses For Playing One More Apex Legends Match

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes, you get a game that grabs you so much you feel that itch to play it all the time. You may find yourself making up ridiculous reasons to keep playing, even when you know you should stop. Here are some of the reasons I’ve made up to play just one more match of Apex Legends.

  • I’m just warming up.
  • That one didn’t count, I died too early.
  • That one didn’t count, there was a server problem.
  • That one didn’t count, I couldn’t find a weapon.
  • That one didn’t count, I could only find Mozambiques.
  • That one didn’t count, we landed by too many players.
  • That one didn’t count, I didn’t see any action at all.
  • That one didn’t count. I will not be elaborating at this time.
  • My friends just logged on.
  • My friends just logged off. Might as well play another to wind down.
  • Those randos were bad at communicating, maybe next time I’ll get a better team.
  • I was so bad at communicating that round—next time I’ll do better.
  • That loss came down to luck. I’ll play until my luck turns around.
  • I’m getting so lucky, I can’t stop now!
  • I’ll play until I find a Havok.
  • I found a Havok but ate shit immediately, so I better play some more.
  • I found a Havok, got to use it, but I didn’t find any hop ups, so I guess I’ll play some more.
  • I don’t think I like the Havok. Better play another round with my favorite guns.
  • I’ll play one more round and then text back my boyfriend. He won’t mind waiting 15 minutes.
  • I’ll play one more and text back my boyfriend. He won’t mind waiting another 15 minutes, right?
  • It’s been two hours. My boyfriend probably isn’t even by his phone anymore, so I might as well play one more.
  • I want to drink a glass of orange juice before I go to bed. (I don’t know why this one worked on me, but it did.)
  • Okay, I’ll just play one more time, and then go to bed.
  • I’m not even tired. How much sleep could I possibly need? Four hours?
  • I used my favorite weapons and character, played very well, and got a couple of kills in. Despite this, I still feel empty inside. I’m going to play until that feeling goes away, possibly forever.