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Perfect World Entertainment has kicked open the doors to the beta version of Perfect World international, the English-based version of popular 3D MMORPG Perfect World II. After a successful closed beta period, they're ready to let anyone and everyone step into the shoes of the Human, Winged Elf, or animalistic Untamed and explore the massive world on the back of their flying sword. The game features an extensive mount system which includes "the unique ability to mount and carry other players", and what's more fun than mounting other players? Other features of PWI include a system of alignment that allows you to follow a good or evil path, customizable clothing, large-scale PVP battles and a Marriage System, which presumably comes into play after all that player mounting. Best of all, open beta characters carry over into launch, so for all intents and purposes this is less of a beta, more of a launch while we fix things sort of situation. Head over to the official website to sign up!

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