Perfect Rocket League Save Gets Denied By The Plunger

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Ever since Psyonix introduced Rumble mode into Rocket League, the nonsense has been taken up a notch. Every few seconds, random power-ups spawn on the field of play giving each car a different special ability for a limited amount of time. For most people, the results are a mess. Regular Rocket League can get sloppy enough, but Rumble often devolves into an outright dumpster fire. Of course, for the few who have mastered the game, it offers even more bizarre and enchanting ways to get beaten by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love life altering power-ups as much as the next person. But it’s hard to say just how many times I would have thrown my controller across the room if this had happened to me in the last seconds of a match. The video below, posted by sottyreddit, is something else:


Stings, doesn’t it?

A last ditch effort to spike the ball into the goal is denied by some brilliant defense, but it’s simply not enough. Don’t you hate it when someone undoes all of your hard work with a perfectly placed plunger? Everything works out so well you’d almost think it was choreographed that way. Like so many of Rocket League’s best moments though, the results unpredictably sublime.

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Can we PLEASE make Rocket League into an E-sport. I find this more entertaining then CS:GO or Dota