Peptone, The Game That's Controlled By Shouting

Those years of shouting into your headset during online multiplayer games may pay off if you want to win at Peptone, a multiplayer "participative mobile phone game" that requires screaming into one's cell phone to survive.


Peptone was recently on display in Montreal, where an estimated 900 phone calls from 400 unique players—it supports up to 50 players at once—created and controlled in-game creatures with the sounds of their screaming. The game's official site describe Peptone like so:

  • Scream into your phone to survive. Your character is constantly losing energy, and you replenish it by making noise. The volume of your voice will also give you a speed boost.
  • But be careful! Noise attracts the virus towards you. If it touches you, you'll lose a big chunk of energy. Stay away!
  • Keep an eye out for the combo master. When it appears, be the first to complete the combo to gain a special power. If you are lost press 5 to call your critter.

Peptone was produced by Departement, who offer additional video and commentary at their web site.

Seen via The Creators Project.


This reminds me of another game that I saw.

I don't remember the name, but you controlled a character in a Legend of Zelda-ish environment and if you didn't yell loud enough you couldn't proceed through that psychedelic looking bush that flashes seizures. I think Kotaku might have covered it, but I don't remember enough details to figure out what it was.