To: Fahey From: Bashcraft RE: Hot And Cold Running Fable Tonight's taste test: Pepsi White. The drink's subtitle tells us: "Pepsi & Yogurt Flavor." While not as disgusting as Cucumber Pepsi, it wasn't that great. Maybe that's for the best as, you know, Pepsi and yogurt don't mix. They should've re-released Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi is great. Know what else is great? Calpis is great. Love the Calpis. What you missed last night Wii Music Review: Jam With The Bland Custom Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Is Full Of Awesome Substance Rock Band 2's Twenty Free DLC Tracks Are... PC Sales Charts Newish Final Fantasy XIII Images Sony Has "No Plans" To Fix New PSP Display Problems Velvet Assassin – Morphine Makes Everything Better, Seriously Here's What A Wii With A HDD Looks Like GTA IV Just Misses Perfect Famitsu Score