GameStick Reminds Us That It's Still a Thing, Like the Ouya

Everybody's talking about the Ouya these days. Ouya exclusives, Ouya unboxings, Ouya reviews — what about the GameStick? It's a standalone Android console too, you know. Sure, it might not be as powerful as the Ouya or have the strange, mildly-confused following of the Ouya, but it's got spunk? Sure, we'll go with spunk. Just look at this spunky explainer video.


There's an audience for products like the GameStick. I'm just not sure that audience extends beyond the people that flocked to it on Kickstarter on the first place.

And of course, there's the Ouya. It's tough being eclipsed by a similar product, but look at it this way, GameStick — the Ouya has that much further to fall should it fail.


Greg the Mad

People still talk about the Ouya?

I only follow some news outlets, but my impression was that after it was released and branded "meh", it suddenly vanished from existence.