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People Pissed They Cannot See Through Women's Clothing

Illustration for article titled People Pissed They Cannot See Through Womens Clothing
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A "see through lens" app is raising the ire of Japanese iPhone owners. The app claims to allow users the ability to see through clothing by turning the iPhone's camera into an infrared camera. And people are pissed—pissed that it doesn't work.

For a while now, pervs have used infrared to see through people's clothing, whether that's at the beach or sporting events. It's gotten so bad that a hi-tech garment maker even created infrared proof panties.

Yet, an iTunes developer under the name 9th Art Digital Entertainment released an app, which claimed the ability to turn the iPhone camera into an infrared camera. The app's page on the Japanese iTunes store shows pictures of several women with exposed bottoms because of the ¥170 (US$2.13) app's capabilities.


The app's reviews, however, are calling it a "lie", a "fraud", and a "swindle", demanding their money back and pointing out that it merely makes the iPhone's camera "look" infrared, but does not give actual infrared ability.

Meaning? Meaning that those who shelled out ¥170 cannot see through women's clothing. Yes, people, who wanted to peep and violate others, are upset for being tricked out of a few bucks. Just try to follow that logic train wreck.


透けて見える レンズ [NSFW iTunes via ガジェット速報]

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I especially enjoy that the 'pervert proof' panties are showcased by sexual poses. Don't look at me! Look at me! Which is it, girls?