People Dressing Up And Killing Produce With Swords Is The Legacy Of Fruit Ninja

I was never a big Fruit Ninja fan, but I love what the game has done to promote real-life fruit ninjaneering. Filmmaker Scott Winn’s follow-up to his 2012 viral hit adds an additional ninja and a flaming sword.


Now some might say one extra ninja and a sword coated with flaming oil isn’t much of s step-up from the original video, but how do you improve on perfection? Exactly. Extra ninja, flaming sword, a little wire work and done.

Note how far down the new ninja’s grip is from the portion of the sword that is on fire. That’s proper flaming sword grip right there.


Between Scott’s work and the Mythbusters video game episode, Fruit Ninja leaves behind an enduring legacy of people throwing fruit at other people. Well done, Halfbrick.

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Six years. Six years of people still talking about and playing Fruit Ninja is its legacy.