People Can Walk The Streets of Akihabara Again!

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It used to be that on Sundays and holidays, Tokyo's electrics and game mecca Akihabara closed off its streets to cars and turned itself into a "Pedestrians' Paradise". Then, seven individuals were tragically killed in a stabbing spree.

And all that changed.

The streets were closed to foot traffic, and the area even installed security cameras.


However, even before the tragedy there had been those critical of the foot traffic and the crowds Pedestrians' Paradise drew.

This past Monday, the local neighborhood association and Akihabara "Electric Town" representatives meet and have decided to revive Pedestrians' Paradise. Details (days, times, etc.) are still being hammered out with the police.

Glad to see the area slowly return to normal.

Akiba [Jiji Press via Temple Knights via ANN] [Pic]

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