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People Are Testing Out YouTube's 60FPS

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that YouTube was finally launching a 60 frames per second option. And now, people are testing it out, like they would anything new.


What's so interesting about these test video is people are posting stuff that they might not usually put on YouTube. Instead, they're seeing what YouTube can do and taking its 60FPS support for a test drive. It's somewhat refreshing to see people get excited about something like this.

Some of the tests, however, look to be a bit more in depth, while others are just happy with a, "Oh, it seems to work."


Keep in mind, to see videos in 60FPS in YouTube, you need to be viewing in Chrome and you must set the video to 720p or 1080p.

As people have more time with YouTube's 60FPS support, expect more detailed tests. Until then, this could be the most important test of all:

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Maybe after people get used to 60fps on youtube we can finally get past the arbitrary 24fps of cinema.