He’s also got videos that demonstrate glitches ranging from silly....

...to game-breaking.

“I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment from glitches in this game,” Billard said, explaining his reason for making these Link to the Past videos. “I know it’s daunting for a lot of people to learn, so I wanted to try to make it easier for others to share the experience.”


Link to the Past speedrunners have also built boss gauntlets, reverse boss gauntlets, and other interesting challenges that they regularly play around with on Twitch and YouTube. In August, they’re planning on putting together a relay race where teams of runners must compete in various categories—no glitches, collect every heart piece, etc.—to beat the game as quickly as possible. A lot of games have active speedrunning communities, but few are as devoted as Link to the Past’s, and 25 years after the game came out, they’re still finding interesting new secrets.

“LTTP’s community is exceptional,” said Hellström in a Discord message. “I’m sure lots of runners and stuff say their game’s community is great, but ALTTP’s is large, active and welcoming.”