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People Already Lining Up For Kinect, But They're Not Crazy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft's controller-free add-on for the Xbox 360 officially doesn't launch until November 4, but some clearly passionate Kinect fans are already lining up in New York City for its midnight launch. Crazy? Not really and here's why.

Microsoft is giving the first 3,000 people who line up and buy Kinect at the official launch party $150 USD worth of stuff—the cost of the camera add-on itself. If you're one of the 3,000 who queue up for the Toys R Us midnight launch in Times Square, you'll get a free copy of Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and a one year Xbox Live Gold subscription.


Kinect already comes with Kinect Adventures, so people fortunate/patient enough to get in on the Times Square midnight launch deal will have plenty to play.

Those guys you see above, snapped in line earlier today by Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, will have first crack at the thing. If you can tolerate this kind of line-sitting and want free Kinect stuff, we'd recommend making plans sooner than later.


The Xbox maker will also be handing out "commemorative gear and prizes" for latecomers and memento seekers.