Pennywise Is Excited About Getting His Ass Kicked

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Hello! This week we get a nice birthday gift from Mads Mikkelsen, eat an apple in front of an apple Pokemon, watch the trailer for a new Half-Life game, wish for a double jump and get ready to beat the shit out of Pennywise.


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The first time I found a taller than usual pillar with stuff on top I knew I was going to get a double jump and I was bummed I didn’t already have it.

You should probably stop making war games then...


Mads wishing me, ME, happy birthday is the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten from a video game character before.

I prefer the new shows, personally.



I want you to watch what happened to the last apple who dared to disobey me.


Touchbars are only cool if you are using them to play games.


She was a wonderful woman who did a lot of good things and now you can honor her life by getting this SWEET looking theme for your PS4.


Pennywise is a good friend.



Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

I can’t believe this is real.

Is this a trailer for a Black Friday sale...? What?

This might be one of the worst “Old people trying to hip” trailers I’ve ever seen.

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