Penny Dreadful Animation Much Better Than The First TV Episode

Showtime's new pulp monster-penny tv show Penny Dreadful isn't remotely as great as the series of animated shorts created to promote it.

If you haven't watched the show yet (the first episode is free at Youtube), Penny Dreadful features James Bond, James Bond's girlfriend, and Josh Hartnett as a team of monster hunters in an 1800's London that's teeming with vampires, Egyptian death cults, and mad doctors. It's like a slower-paced version of the movie Van Helsing.


Animation studio Beakus and director Gergely Wootsch teamed up to create a series of animated video featuring the major monsters in the show. The first video has been released and discusses the original Frankenstein:


You can watch the first episode of Penny Dreadful at Youtube.

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