Penny Arcade Expo 09: Kotaku Has Arrived

Kotaku has arrived in Seattle at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo for a weekend filled with news, interviews, hands-on time with all of the latest games, and enough Seattle's Best coffee to fell a rhino.

Seattle's Best will definitely figure into the equation, as we've flown our two East coast writers over to the West coast for the show. I'm sitting here enjoying a hazelnut mocha-something or another as I look over our rather crowded schedule. We've got previews, and hands-on time lined up for everything from eagerly anticipated console titles like Forza and MAG to the latest and greatest PC MMO titles, including looks at Guild Wars 2 and Funcom's modern day MMO The Secret World.


Along with the game time, we've got interviews lined up with industry luminaries, coverage of events from the show floor, parties, cosplay, and who knows what else. Stay tuned all weekend long to see what goodness spawns from the depths of the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo.

We're definitely going to need more coffee.

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