Penny Arcade Announces “Fatal1ty” WON'T Be at PAX

Apparently in reaction to gamer-centric convention E For All's news today that Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel will be the face of their show, Penny Arcade announced that Fatal1ty won't be the face of theirs.... or even welcome.

World's Top Gamer "Fatal1ty" will not be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) PAX is proud to announce that they will not be welcoming E-sportsman Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel to the event. "There is no one else in the video game industry quite like Fatal1ty and we're thrilled that he won't be attending our show" said Gabe, Chief Executive Officer of the Penny Arcade Expo, the greatest video game festival in the universe. "Seriously, if he even tries to come we'll kick him out."


Fantastic news! Hey, I wonder if Gabe and Tycho will let me submit a list of other people who won't be welcome at PAX... let's see... Penny Arcade

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