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The ongoing debate between the British Board of Film Classification and the Pan-European Game Information system over who should be left to rate video games has recently been locked in at a feverish pitch. The argument, one which one day we may see come to U.S. shores, is steeped, I think, in some very interesting issues. I've been so intrigued by the debate that I recently commissioned a freelancer to tackle the story, talking to both sides, and the ESRB, about the issues at hand and why both feel they should be the one left in charge. After an interview with the British Board of Film Classification our writer reached out to PEGI for a similar interview, only to be asked to hand over the transcript of the BBFC interview and questioned on Kotaku's support of PEGI. It seems that the PR agency handling PEGI is willing to set up an interview, but only if we side with them. The full letter, minus the names, on the jump.Hi XXXX, Thanks for this. Is there any way that we could have confirmation from Kotaku’s editor that he supports PEGI – that way it might ease the way to getting an interview set up. Also, can you find out to me how many unique hits Kotaku gets in the UK. The reason is ELSPA may come back and say Kotaku is just US based. The fact that Kotaku is a US blog might make things tough – just trying to help set this up. J Also if you could provide the transcript for the BBFC interview that’d be useful. Finally, do you have the full contact details of Kotaku’s editor – as we currently have nothing (name, email, tel, postal address) Best regards, XXXX

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