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Know what's awesome? Peggle. Scoff if you must, but it's taking every molecule of willpower to continue with this post instead of just saying "Fuck it" and playing some Peggle. Fortunately, the Xbox Live Arcade release of PopCap Games' Peggle appears to be inching ever closer to release, now slated for a "sometime in 2008" release. The price? Cheap, at 800 Microsoft Points according to a new interview with PopCap's Greg Canessa. Sure, this whole level pack business will drive the price up, but its Microsoft Points, imaginary fun money with no real value. Plus, there's four-player multiplay via Xbox Live planned. Off to find a new vein for my Peggle addiction! Peggle on XBLA: 4 player multiplayer, 800 MS Points, no level packs at launch [Talking About Games via X3F]


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